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Your commercial property is what allows your business to run smoothly and to be able to run at its full potential.

Water damage to a commercial property can not only be costly in terms of repair but also in replacement of damaged stock, increase in insurance policies and loss of revenue whilst repairs are taking place. 


We will ensure your gutter system is running freely and clear of any debris, moss, leaves, rodent nests and anything else that can allow a build-up of water. 


We can clean up to 3 stories in height to a maximum reach of 45 feet from ground level and with the benefit of our own scaffold towers we go much higher.

Why not request a HD camera survey to see if your gutters need cleaning?

All of our gutter clearances come with a 12 month gutter maintenance certification, which is accepted by Insurance companies as proof of regular gutter maintenance, in the event you should need to claim for exterior/interior water damage or damp. 

Power Clean.

First appearances matter right?

Whether you’re an office block or a retail outlet you want your potential customers to be impressed at your business premises. Power cleaning brings whatever material back to life and as good as new. We offer a range of services including graffiti removal, exterior masonry cleaning, moss removal and sign cleaning, to name a few.


Gray’s clean all types of paving and tarmac as well as offering the choice of sealing or tarmac painting/sealing to prolong the longevity of the material and to enhance the appearance dramatically.



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