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Fast and effective with no need for ladders. We use a high powered gutter vacuum, with poles capable of reaching 3 Storeys.

Each clean is captured with a HD camera to ensure a thorough clean, and as a reassurance for our customers.

Maintaining your gutters

Why is important to make sure my gutters stay clear and obstacle-free all year round?

Your gutter's job is to allow water to flow at all times; by allowing moss, leaves, dirt, insects and nests to congregate they cannot do their job properly – the principal job of your gutters is to divert water into the storm drain.

Your home is the biggest asset you will probably make in your lifetime, so you need to protect it at all times. The damage caused by allowing water to pour from blocked gutters can be catastrophic. Water that has been allowed to pour from gutters will certainly lead to expensive repairs on soffits, window frames and foundations as well as a high increase in damp areas inside the home from water pouring on brickwork.

How do gutters get blocked?

Gutters become blocked because of leaves falling from trees, moss rolling off your roof or birds or small rodents nesting. Over time this organic debris will continue to build up and eventually solidify into a dam-like structure. In addition, if there is a cold winter, any trapped water will turn to ice and weigh down the gutter causing further damage.

When should I clear my gutters?

Gray’s recommend that your gutters are cleared at least once a year and preferably twice, once in the autumn and again in early spring before the April showers arrive. If you're not sure whether they need clearing, please do get them checked – we can do a full survey using High Definition cameras to show you the condition your gutters are currently in.

Avoid costly repairs

To avoid paying costly building repairs or risking insurance premiums rising after making a claim, there is a need to maintain your gutters throughout the year. The good old British weather tests our gutter systems to the limits - combined with a blockage this can result in damage to your property from damp walls, to weakened foundations and structural damage.


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