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Tarmac is one of the most widely laid surfaces across the UK and Ireland.

It has been used extensively for domestic driveways as well as many commercial surfaces such as car parks, roads, sports courts, retail areas and school playgrounds. All of these tarmac surfaces will deteriorate to varying degrees over time.


The good news is that by using Tarmaseal™ tarmac can now be easily maintained and its lifespan considerably prolonged.

Tarmaseal™ is superior to a tarmac paint and can save time and a great deal of money as well as totally transforming the look of the tarmac. Furthermore, tarmac surfaces can now be made to look like new without the need for expensive replacement.

From this...

Tarmac will naturally loose its resin compound over time leaving it a dull unsightly grey and patchy, moss will take root and spread on areas with little sunlight.

Pressure washing will cause more damage than good to the surface of your driveway, pitting and leaving small craters or even worse larger holes. Oil stains are more highlighted and cracks start to appear over time.

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To this...

Our tarmac restoration projects remove any traces of moss from the surface and after a thorough clean using a dedicated tarmac cleaning fluid we carry out all repairs - from large potholes and craters to deep cracks prior to the application of Tarmaseal™.

The results are fantastic, leaving a driveway that is well protected from the elements and looking like it has just been laid for a fraction of the cost of a new tarmac driveway.

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