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Getting ready for Winter | Gutter cleaning.

This is a job that should really be left to professionals. Gray’s Exterior Cleaning Specialists' operators use a “gutter vac” machine – a high powered, three motor suction system that can be used from ground level with a high-reach pole system. Fitted with a HD camera that records in 4K, it adds the capability of checking to see if there is any damage to the gutter system. Of course, it also allows the operator to ensure that your gutters are clean - and is a reassurance for you - otherwise, how do you know if your gutters have really been cleaned out? Many people unfortunately pay the price of a gutter clean, and then find that they have just been skimmed over, or worse still not done at all. The only other way you can ensure a proper clean is to do it yourself by ladder - not the most ideal or desirable solution.

Gutter Cleaning Wigan Warrington

Gutter cleaning is one of the jobs that should definitely be on the yearly household schedule, because blocked gutters can cause water to overflow when winter's heavy rain, snow and ice arrives. This can result in brickwork becoming soaked and transferring damp to the interior of the house, with blown plaster and peeling wallpaper being the result. During damp weather, moss can collect in multiple round lumps on roofs. In the summer, the moss dries out at the base, comes loose and rolls down the roof, blocking the guttering and the down pipe. Also, between March - August is prime time for bird nesting, and during this time twigs and other nesting materials get dropped into gutters so blockages can develop over summer. Autumn is a prime time of the year to get your gutters ready for the harsh weather ahead.

The other benefit to getting a professional gutter clean done is that you can get any leaks fixed - Gray’s-ECS test the whole system at the end of each job to make sure it all flows as it should. This highlights any potential problems early, and enables you to make a small, inexpensive repair before things get serious. Then, you can sit back, put your feet up and relax as you listen to the winter rain knowing your gutters are doing their intended job.


There are some things that you can do to minimise blockages:

- Trim back overhanging branches so leaves don't fall directly into the guttering

- Get the moss removed from your roof

- You can install gutter guards to prevent build-up of leaves and moss. Some are better than others - however they are not a permanent solution and the gutters will still need cleaning out from time to time. As you can imagine, they do make the cleaning process much harder.

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